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Hoover/Candy Vented Tumble Dryer GOC580NC

This is a Graded product

Graded products are also sometimes called factory seconds. There are various grades of products from at the top end, catalogue returns, damaged packaging, end of lines or with minor blemishes to at the bottom end (what is known as raw) pallets of completely trashed products where the seller cobbles one item together from the bits of three or four others. I only sell the very best graded products from Hoover and Candy. These are end of lines or mail order returns. They may have had damaged packaging or come with minor marks, blemishes or dents. Please see (below) some examples of the kind of marks or blemishes that you find on B grade products. These items are fully checked by the manufacturers before being repackaged and supplied to us. They test the items to ensure that they are working properly. These are categorised on this site as being either Grade A or Grade B. The difference between the two is quite simple. A grade has no marks or blemishes that can be seen on the front. These come with a one year labour and three year parts warranty from Hoover Candy. B grade may have a mark or blemish on that can be see from the front. These come with a six month, in home parts and labour warranty from Hoover Candy. f you are unsure about ordering a graded product as you are concerned that it may be badly damaged then please don’t. If you contact us we will quite happily unpack and photograph any blemish (if it has one – many machines have none at all) and send them to you so that you know exactly what you are buying. All are Brand New, Unused and in perfect working order.
Order Hoover/Candy Vented Tumble Dryer GOC580NC white @ £169.00

Hoover 8kg Vented Tumble Dryer


Load Capacity – 8kg
Colour – White
Dryer Type – Vented
Sensor Dry Programmes – 4
Delicate ‘Wool Finish’ Cycle – Yes
Delay Start – Yes-3/6/9h
LED Display – No
Countdown Display – No
Timed Drying Options – 150
Highly Efficient Reverse Action – Yes
‘Filter Care’ Indicator – Yes
Free Vent Hose Supplied – Yes
Floor Level Condensor – N/A
Empty Water Indicator – N/A
Large Door for easy opening – Yes


Bone Dry – Yes
Extra Dry  – Yes
Cupboard Dry – Yes
Iron Dry – Yes
Medium Dry –  No
Damp Dry – No
‘Fast Iron’ Cycle – No
Relax Programme – Yes
Rapid 40 Programme – Yes
Shirts Programme – No
Mix & Dry Programme -No
Refresh Cycle – Yes
Heat Settings – 2


On/Off – Yes
Start/Reset – Yes
Delay Start – Yes
Acrylic / Synthetic (Low heat) – Yes
‘Memo’ Option – No
Empty Water Indicator – N/A
Filter Care Indicator – Yes

Hoover/Candy Vented Tumble Dryer GOC580NC
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